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CAPT Relocation·The Journey to the New Plant(21)

Dec 2nd, 2020,Wednesday. Recently, under the attack of cold air, facing the snow fluttering in the sky, I came to the new factory again in the morning. As soon as I entered the workshop, I heard the mixing of various sounds, like a symphony, it is our workers are working in full swing. This    kind of simplicity and devotion is really encouraging.

Everyone is accustomed to talking about work as labour, and the workers in the construction of the new factory are full of enthusiasm. Almost every scene of work is orderly and intelligent enough. Let us approach them:



The front-line work is in full swing. The rear meetings are held regularly and weekly reports are made. Everyone keeps an eye on the schedule and coordinate the possible temporary outstanding situations.


All departments from top to bottom, with all-out enthusiasm to disperse the cold, with meticulous and thoughtful action to define each day. In the face of the daily visible changes in the new factory, please allow the representatives of off-site employees to sincerely say to you: "everyone has worked hard!"