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CAPT Relocation·The Journey to the New Plant(22)

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020. Fine day, at noon, when the sunlight is strongest and warmest in the day, bright sunshine covers whole plant area, it feels like the new plant dressed up with golden lights, sunshine shone on the glass, sparking golden lights, added a bit charming and moving for this winter.


When I stepped into the spacious and bright new plant area, I saw the first phase construction of fire protection, central heating, illumination, windows installation have been completed, will soon enter the second phase of planning. Looking from outside, whole construction preparations are finished and ready to start working at any time, good job!


Large capacity mobile crane is awesome, external overhead rails is hoisted up one by one and assembled under the leadership by team head Mr.Wang.


QS/QC Department manager Mr.Zhao devoted his spare time to the preparatory work of the conductive ground line of the spectrometer. In such cold weather, sweat was appearing from his simple and excited face.


Duty off time is approaching, accessories of lathe arrived, all staffs from the logistic suport and maintenance department rolled up their sleeves without hesitation, working overtime to test and installation. Technial department manager,Mr.Niu, also known as handsome “CAPT Engineer Neo”, who treat production site as his battlefield, as we can see, he was lying on the product marking out seriously.


No matter staffs or leaders, employee in first production line or in the second, all of them take the CAPT plant as their home. This highly responsible spirit of ownership and team spirit from all of us is just the magic weapon for the CAPT employee to carry and keep prosperity for few decades. start from me,hard working, blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit, passionate in ours job, selfless dedication, let us make another new achievement for the company successful relocation with enthusiasm and sweat.


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