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QTL HTD Timing Pulleys

QTL HTD Timing Pulleys Type Pulleys

Range of product: 

ANSI:(HTD 8M-30 —— HTD 20M-340)

Inch size product (Apply to ANSI market)

Product Details


Series Type



HTD 8M-30

20-8M30F - E192-8M30

HTD 8M-50

20-8M50F - E192-8M50

HTD 8M-85

34-8M85F - E192-8M85

HTD 14M-40

SK28-14M40F - E144-14M40

HTD 14M-55

SK28-14M55F - F216-14M55

HTD 14M-85

28-14M85F - F216-14M85

HTD 14M-115

28-14M115F - J216-14M115

HTD 14M-170

36-14M170F - M216-14M170

HTD 20M-115

F34-20M115F - N216-20M115

HTD 20M-170

34-20M170F - P216-20M170

HTD 20M-230

38-20M230F - W216-20M230

HTD 20M-290

N52-20M290F - W216-20M290

HTD 20M-340

N52-20M340F - S216-20M340

Catalog explanation:

ANSI Catalog:QTL HTD Timing Pulleys.pdf